Daily Meditations (Page 3)

Daily Meditations (Page 3)


According to this verse every Christian should be ready to share the best news with the unsaved. Many times when I fail to share Christ with the unsaved, it is because I am not ready. My mind is focused on earthly things or I am focused on self.


God expects every Christian to talk to his heavenly father in prayer. We are instructed to pray in private and to make prayer a conversation with God, not a show. God promises that our heavenly Father will hear our prayer and reward us openly.


God warns Christians that people will lie about us. We can’t control what others say about us, but we can control how we will respond. God tells us when this happens to us, that instead of getting angry and bitter we are to rejoice. God tells us to rejoice because our reward will be great in heaven.


God warns us not to rejoice in our hearts when we hear that something bad has happened to our enemy. God always knows what is going on in our hearts, and our wrong response brings displeasure to him. God says that He will turn away His wrath from our enemy and judge us for the wrong attitude that we have in our heart. God commands every Christian to love his or her personal enemies since one of the chief measures of a true Christians is loving our enemies. Such love includes being grieved when our enemy falls or stumbles in life. If we are glad or rejoice when bad things happen to an enemy, we have sinned.


All one has to do is pay attention to those around you and you’ll fine that so many people are hurting! Have you ever felt like Satan, as a roaring lion, took you back in the woods and just shredded you to pieces? The devil is certainly on the warpath! Perhaps he knows what we all suspect….the return of Jesus will be sooner than later. Until His return, we can trust that He will heal our broken hearts and bind up our wounds. Our God is great! Our God has great power! And our God understands us with infinite understanding even though many haven’t the foggiest idea of what we may be going through or the brokenness we’re experiencing. God does! Trust Him, He loves you.


Barnabas, known as “son of consolation” or “son of encouragement” was at the side of Saul as he went to Jerusalem. Because of what the disciples had heard of Saul and not believing that he had been converted, they were afraid of him but Barnabas was there to reassure that Saul (Paul) indeed had seen the Lord on the Damascus road and had been called by the Lord to do His work. There are times I’m sure that we could’ve used a friend like Barnabas, one who would stand by us when others doubted our integrity and questioned our motives. Barnabas, the encourager! How about you? Are you an encourager? Can you think of someone right now that may feel deserted and alone? Step out of your comfort zone and be a Barnabas!


I have this verse underlined in my Bible. It has been a lifeline to me over the years as I interact with others and soon discover that the one I’ve been conversing with is for a lack of better words full of baloney! Leave! Never argue with a fool! He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Too many of God’s children have been influenced by the “foolish man”. This man is a simpleton or arrogant and thinks he knows much but in reality he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know!


How’s your vision? 20/20? Well, it could be better! How about 50/20? Seeing life’s events through a Heavenly lens, just as Joseph did.


The Hebrew word for “simple” doesn’t refer to a person with an intellectual deficit but one who is easily persuaded, gullible, naive, while a prudent man is one who is cautious or sensible. It behooves every person who claims the name of Christ to be prudent in this day and age where we are bombarded with every kind of falsity through a myriad of means. We must maintain a testimony for the unsaved to see that as Christians, we are not undiscerning when it comes to the issues we face in life. The current state of affairs has the world looking at Christians as mostly uneducated back woods snake handlers (read the news) who have a disdain for science. Let them see us as those who embrace science because we know the One who set the stars in place!


As I finished this section of Psalm 119, I paused to think of my own attitude. I realized that I don’t esteem God’s Word nearly as highly as I ought. God’s word is something that He magnifies (Psalm 138:2). It has been settled forever (Psalm 119:89). It is a sword, a weapon for both offense and defense, that can get right to the root of the matter (Hebrews 4:12).