Posts from April 2021

Posts from April 2021


Breaking News….…Stock Market drops 1234 points, millions wiped out…I’ve just received the news from the doctor….it’s cancer and it’s terminal…….I’ve been meaning to tell you, I want a divorce…….Sir, your son was in an accident today……..Mom, I can’t talk very loud, there’s an active shooter in our school…….Honey, I just backed the car into our neighbors car. And so it goes! Life is fraught with bad news and if it isn’t bad news then it’s fake! What we need is a hefty dose of Good News!


I believe this verse would describes the danger of most secular college campuses in America when it comes to spiritual matters. I remember spending an hour in my college philosophy class discussing “How do you know a tree is a tree?” What a waste of time; and money for that matter.


Wow! What more would we need to motivate us as we come before the Lord on His day to worship Him? He is worthy of our praise! As we congregate this Sunday, let’s prepare our hearts to offer a hearty praise to our mighty God and Savior for He is worthy, He is worthy!


This is precisely the duty of a teacher of God’s Holy Word. Notice how they read “distinctly” or faithfully, word by word, gave the “sense” or insight and caused them to “understand” or to know in the mind. Once a teacher is able to properly expound the Word to those under his tutelage, one result will be joy! It’s only through a proper study of God’s Word that we can have a proper understanding of its Author and as we grow in our knowledge of God we can’t help but to rejoice and that is our strength!


I seem to remember, albeit vaguely, an old commercial that had dogs and their owners on it and how much they resembled each other. I sure can’t recall what they were actually advertising but it was intriguing for sure. I’ve owned many dogs through the years and I’m pretty sure there’s one that I didn’t resemble at all, my Pug! As blood bought children of God, I wonder how much we resemble our Master? Not in the physical sense but in all other ways. After spending time with others, would they be able to identify us as children of the Master? Do we reflect His glory? Or have we become so contaminated with the elements of this world that we no longer shine?


Our culture has placed a great emphasis of late on identity. So people have gone about labeling themselves in a way they desire to be identified. I first remember hearing the concept of self-branding when I was in college. The philosophy teaches that you are a brand and you need to market yourself to the world. Little did I know that some 20 years later with the advent of social media how that philosophy would grip a generation.


There certainly isn’t anything new under the sun! Moral Relativism was just as prevalent in those days as it is in ours! According to moral relativism, there is not a single true morality. There are a variety of possible moralities or moral frames of reference, and whether something is morally right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust, etc. is a relative matter-relative to one or another morality or moral frame of reference.


Life is TOUGH! Serving the Lord can be difficult at times. We’re living in perilous times and witnessing things we never imagined we would see in our lifetime. Families are disintegrating and every day we read of another well known, deep rooted Christian forsaking their faith. Friends, family and others may fail and forsake us but be of good courage! We have a promise from God Almighty that He’ll never fail us. He’ll never forsake us so there is no reason to fear or be dismayed! Keep on keeping on! Don’t quit! Be strong in the Lord, you’re not alone!


Man does not have much if anything to boast about in himself. I certainly do not. However, those that know Jesus have a lot to boast about. Not about themselves, but about the one that loves them and saved them. There is a song we sing often in church who’s refrain goes:


Scripture teaches us that we are a whole person. Our spiritual life effects our physical life. Each and everyday we come across people that are hurting spiritually. Harold Vaughan once preached a message entitled, “The Ministry of Encouragement.” What a great ministry! We should all be encouragers. When you encourage someone it is like given someone a dose of spiritual medicine for their soul. Each day we should ask ourselves, “Who can I encourage today?”
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