'Trials' Tagged Posts

'Trials' Tagged Posts


The Lord pays special attention to those in need. Jesus is not like the tyrants of the world that see the needy as a burden. Rather, he thinks upon them or you could say His heart is attentive to their needs. Rest assured, if you are in need God knows and cares.


God is good all the time! When things are not going the way we want we have to remember that God has not changed. He is always good. I do not know what you may be enduring right now, but believe this….God is good and He is for you (Rom. 8:31).


How’s your vision? 20/20? Well, it could be better! How about 50/20? Seeing life’s events through a Heavenly lens, just as Joseph did.


Breaking News….…Stock Market drops 1234 points, millions wiped out…I’ve just received the news from the doctor….it’s cancer and it’s terminal…….I’ve been meaning to tell you, I want a divorce…….Sir, your son was in an accident today……..Mom, I can’t talk very loud, there’s an active shooter in our school…….Honey, I just backed the car into our neighbors car. And so it goes! Life is fraught with bad news and if it isn’t bad news then it’s fake! What we need is a hefty dose of Good News!


Life is TOUGH! Serving the Lord can be difficult at times. We’re living in perilous times and witnessing things we never imagined we would see in our lifetime. Families are disintegrating and every day we read of another well known, deep rooted Christian forsaking their faith. Friends, family and others may fail and forsake us but be of good courage! We have a promise from God Almighty that He’ll never fail us. He’ll never forsake us so there is no reason to fear or be dismayed! Keep on keeping on! Don’t quit! Be strong in the Lord, you’re not alone!


Have you ever wandered how can you possibly continue? Have you ever found yourself running out of strength to run the race before you? Have you ever been faced with incredibly difficult circumstances of life that make you want to throw in the towel? Well join the club! However, when you are at that point you must realize that you are on the cusp of having the power of Christ upon you. So when you get to the point where you say, “I cannot go on anymore I am out of strength” you are almost there, but not quite. You must then go on to admit your weakness and accept God’s grace to give you strength. Then you can say, “I can do all thing through Christ that strengtheneth me.”


Yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. But, where is He now? Well my friend, look at what Stephen saw as he was being stoned to death because of his witness for Christ. Stephen got a glimpse of Jesus standing on the right hand of God. What comfort that must have been for Stephen! Notice this, before he saw Jesus he stedfastly looked into heaven. I do not know what you might be going through today, but I know this, if you want to see Jesus in the midst of trouble, if you want the comfort of Christ, you need to take your eyes off of the trouble and look to where He can be found. He is not hard to find. He is still in the same place that Stephen saw Him.


Have you ever said, “How can this be?” Perhaps you have tried to do right and it seems like things are not working out. Maybe the more you try to live for God the more difficult things become. Well, you are not alone. However, we must remember to trust the LORD with all our hearts; meaning our minds are stayed on Christ, our emotions controlled by the Holy Spirit, and our wills committed to following the Father even when we do not understand. When we lean unto our own understanding our minds become troubled, our emotions can fly out of control, and temptations to follow our flesh increase. We must commit to trusting God in all of the issues of life.


Comfort is a need of every human. God is the only one that can provide true comfort to the souls of men. We can get comfort from God’s Promises, His Spirit, and His People. I am thankful that God is a Father full of compassion.