Posts from February 2021

Posts from February 2021


Yea, hath God said? Casting doubt on the veracity of God’s Word, the Holy Bible is still being used today by Satan with the same efficacy as in the Garden of Eden. “Did God really say that?” seems to be the pervasive question of every generation of unbelievers. As they tend to get hung up on Ecclesiastical or eschatological issues they tend to ignore the most important issue at hand, their salvation and that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16).


I’m not much of a fisherman but I know a few who can spend the whole day out on the water just waiting for that 3 lb. bass to take a strike at his bait so he can reel him in and then spend the rest of the week telling all his friends how he pulled in that 4 pounder! One thing I know not to do, if there’s a sign that says “no fishing” then I’d better leave. Oftentimes we’re just like that angler that spends the whole day trying to catch those sins that we’ve been forgiven of, reminiscing over them or perhaps sorrowing over them all the while not noticing the sign that God posted that says, “no fishing” as He’s buried those vilest sins in the depths of the sea, to remain there for eternity!


Ouch! Does it hurt you to hear such a proclamation? If you live in the good old US of A then you are richer than you think. The poorest 20% of people in this country are richer than most of the rest of the world. Everything we have comes from God and belongs to Him. Let’s not be stingy with what God has blessed us with. Do you like to invest? Invest in the lives of others. Give your riches, whether that be time, money or possessions to those in need. Support your local Church, give to missions and God will certainly bless beyond measure!


Wow! Can you even imagine having a spring of water, let’s say an artesian well providing fresh water in the near east but deciding to gather water that will stagnate in cisterns that are broken? That’s exactly what Israel was guilty of and we as Christians too. We have forsaken the source of living water (Jesus) that’s always fresh and refreshing and decided to gather the polluted water of this world in cisterns that are broken! How foolish we are! God calls it evil.


Short answer, No! Walking “together” as used here indicates a unitedness or union, not merely two people walking along. As Christians we must be careful of who we tend to “hang” with lest we adopt the ways of those who walk in darkness and end up agreeing with their way of thinking… “for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” 2 Cor. 6:14. So, who are you walking with?


In this passage, we have an account of the young Hebrew boy, Daniel, who was approximately 14 years old making a request not to partake in the food that the king provided as it would violate the dietary laws he purposed in his heart to follow. Quite a bold move for such a young boy but reflective of his upbringing. You see, it wasn’t just that Daniel decided at that very moment to do what was right. He made the commitment to follow God at a much earlier age so that when the time would come for testing, he would be prepared to do what was pleasing to the Lord!


…neither could they blush. We don’t hear much about people “blushing” anymore but there is plenty to blush about as we see our society plunge deeper into what was once considered aberrant behavior with impunity.


We are currently living in an age of instant information. Most anything we want to know is available at our finger tips yet the Word of God is timeless, always relevant. We are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge, a lack of knowing God’s Word, a lack of knowing God, the source of all knowledge.


of approximately $179B. You could say his bank account is overflowing. However, our God is overflowing with something much more needful to every man and woman, mercy. Without God’s mercy we would be without hope. God is not stingy with his mercy. The problem is that many people do not believe they need mercy. So we complain and groan in trials as if some injustice has happened to us. The truth is that each and everyone of us deserves the wrath of God because we have accumulated a debt of sin that we have no hope or ability to repay. But God who is rich in mercy paid the debt on our behalf by sending his son to die a merciless death on a cross. God deserves our gratitude for His generosity of mercy.


The psalmist here demonstrates a person that starts his day by turning his focus onto God. Prayer is an act of faith demonstrating our dependence upon the Lord. It is also an act of worship where we can praise God and thank Him for all that he does. What a great way to start the day!