Psalm 147-3;5: He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Great is our Lord, and of great power; his understanding is infinite.

Meditation: All one has to do is pay attention to those around you and you’ll fine that so many people are hurting! Have you ever felt like Satan, as a roaring lion, took you back in the woods and just shredded you to pieces? The devil is certainly on the warpath! Perhaps he knows what we all suspect….the return of Jesus will be sooner than later. Until His return, we can trust that He will heal our broken hearts and bind up our wounds. Our God is great! Our God has great power! And our God understands us with infinite understanding even though many haven’t the foggiest idea of what we may be going through or the brokenness we’re experiencing. God does! Trust Him, He loves you.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for the who are broken, hurting, who feel as though the attacks are relentless and severe. Heal their hearts and bind up their wounds for Jesus’ sake and in his name, amen.


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