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'Psalms' Tagged Posts


Dear Christian, do you find it difficult to sing the Lord’s song? Do the cares of this life have you weighed down? We have just experienced a year that took us by surprise and brought with it sickness, separation, death, loneliness, isolation, unemployment, division, bitterness and a myriad of other problems! The pain is real, often seen etched in the face of those that have been hit the hardest. This world isn’t our home! We are in a strange land, a land that is becoming day by day more inhospitable for those whose real home is beyond the Jordan. Let’s keep our eyes as Abraham did on the City whose builder is God. Soon my dear friend, we’ll see as John the Revelator did, a new heaven and a new earth. Then and only then will we be able to sing the Lord’s song because we’ll be at home with Him, rejoicing evermore!


The proverbial question: “What is truth”. Muse on this a spell, after all, this is a meditation. Blush It seems to me that everyone has their own truth. There’s “The Four Truths” Objective Truth: what exists and can be proved in this physicality Normative Truth: what we, as a group, agree is true Subjective Truth: how the individual sees or experiences the world Complex Truth: recognizes the validity of all those truths and allows you to focus on the one that is most useful at any given time.


All one has to do is pay attention to those around you and you’ll fine that so many people are hurting! Have you ever felt like Satan, as a roaring lion, took you back in the woods and just shredded you to pieces? The devil is certainly on the warpath! Perhaps he knows what we all suspect….the return of Jesus will be sooner than later. Until His return, we can trust that He will heal our broken hearts and bind up our wounds. Our God is great! Our God has great power! And our God understands us with infinite understanding even though many haven’t the foggiest idea of what we may be going through or the brokenness we’re experiencing. God does! Trust Him, He loves you.


As I finished this section of Psalm 119, I paused to think of my own attitude. I realized that I don’t esteem God’s Word nearly as highly as I ought. God’s word is something that He magnifies (Psalm 138:2). It has been settled forever (Psalm 119:89). It is a sword, a weapon for both offense and defense, that can get right to the root of the matter (Hebrews 4:12).


There are a lot of vain thoughts that we face every day, According to the Psalmist I need to hate every vain thought because it affects my attitude and actions. I need to replace vain thoughts with the Word of God. Instead of being controlled by vain thoughts, I need to be controlled by God’s Word.


God tells us many characteristics of Himself throughout the Scriptures. Many speak of His glory and power, but this verse tells us about God’s desire to be within reach of each of us. He is the ONE Who hears our prayers. What is more personal than our deepest desires, the things we tell God when it’s just the two of us? God’s there, listening. Not just listening, but intently listening, as if we are the only one in all creation.


I need to be reminded of the brevity of my life and how frail I really am. I need to live for the glory of God and eternity.


Do you fondly remember the song we used to sing in Sunday School when we were little? “The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for life, I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E.” Oh dear Christian, is the Bible the book for you? It’s the only book that has the words of life, the power to save, to make the simple wise! It’s God’s love letter to us! Do you love the Word of God? When we stand on the Word of God we’ll not easily fall for the wiles of the devil.


The psalmist here demonstrates a person that starts his day by turning his focus onto God. Prayer is an act of faith demonstrating our dependence upon the Lord. It is also an act of worship where we can praise God and thank Him for all that he does. What a great way to start the day!


This portion of the Psalm by King David contrasts the wrath of proud men to the longsuffering of an all knowing God. It is a great contradiction for man to benefit from the longsuffering of God and not show it one to another. It is especially egregious for believers who know the longsuffering of God to not offer the same to other believers. Regardless of this contradiction we must remember the greatest contradiction in human history is that Jesus the savior of the world was crucified by man, otherwise, we are likely to faint in our minds (Heb. 12:3).
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