Psalm 25:5: Lead me in thy truth, and teach me; for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

John 17:17: Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth.

Meditation: The proverbial question: “What is truth”. Muse on this a spell, after all, this is a meditation. Blush It seems to me that everyone has their own truth. There’s “The Four Truths” Objective Truth: what exists and can be proved in this physicality Normative Truth: what we, as a group, agree is true Subjective Truth: how the individual sees or experiences the world Complex Truth: recognizes the validity of all those truths and allows you to focus on the one that is most useful at any given time.

The dictionary defines truth as: the quality or state of being true (no help here), that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality (people’s reality may be fantasy). Habitual liars believe that the lie they tell is the truth. Everyone seems to have their own version of what truth is. No wonder Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth”? The news outlets have their version of the truth, often times in the course of a discussion with a group of people, you’ll realize again that different people have a different perspective on truth, i.e., “that’s your truth, not mine”! This is a serious issue that begs discussion. People are dying and going to hell because they believe in their truth but truth is not relative. Even Plato believed that there are truths to be discovered; that knowledge is possible and he held that truth is not, as the Sophists thought, relative.

The Psalmist desires to be lead in God’s Truth and His Truth is the Bible, the Word of God! The living Word is Jesus who stated that He is Truth. As we’re saturated every day with the lies of Satan, the philosophies of the world, the propaganda of Academia and the “Fake News” of media let us run to the Word of God to seek refuge which is our bastion of truth.

Prayer: Oh dear Lord, please help those who are lost, groping in darkness, confused as to what is true and what isn’t, come to know the One who is Truth, Jesus your Son. Amen


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