Psalm 65:2: O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.

Meditation: God tells us many characteristics of Himself throughout the Scriptures.  Many speak of His glory and power, but this verse tells us about God’s desire to be within reach of each of us.  He is the ONE Who hears our prayers.  What is more personal than our deepest desires, the things we tell God when it’s just the two of us? God’s there, listening.  Not just listening, but intently listening, as if we are the only one in all creation.

And if the audience is God Himself, ought we not be the most honest, and have the utmost confidence in Him to work in our best interest?

My Prayer: Oh God, please help me to realize that my prayers are important to You, that You, the Creator, are listening to my plea!  Grant me the confidence in Your ability to work things in the absolute best way and in the smallest detail.


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