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The Scripture has much to say about praying for one another. Prayer is the absolute best thing we can do, not just because it’s commanded but because it can accomplish much (James 5:16). Prayer for Peter set him free from prison (Acts 12:5). Just as Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ hands during battle gave Israel victory (Exodus 17:12), sometimes we need to help support those around us in need (Galatians 6:2).


As I finished this section of Psalm 119, I paused to think of my own attitude. I realized that I don’t esteem God’s Word nearly as highly as I ought. God’s word is something that He magnifies (Psalm 138:2). It has been settled forever (Psalm 119:89). It is a sword, a weapon for both offense and defense, that can get right to the root of the matter (Hebrews 4:12).


God tells us many characteristics of Himself throughout the Scriptures. Many speak of His glory and power, but this verse tells us about God’s desire to be within reach of each of us. He is the ONE Who hears our prayers. What is more personal than our deepest desires, the things we tell God when it’s just the two of us? God’s there, listening. Not just listening, but intently listening, as if we are the only one in all creation.


Have you ever thought about the fact that YOU might be the “angel” to another person? God has made all of us ambassadors, and given to all of us the ministry of reconciliation. He uses all of us as messengers – the Greek word for angel is messenger.


While cleaning the home office to make room for working from home due to Covid, I was forced to sort my library into three piles – those to keep, those to hand off to others, those to trash. Some were meaningful to me for who gave it, others for the content. It challenged me to think about why I had each book, and what would be the best place for it to be in the future. It made me think about my treasures, what I value.