'Genesis' Tagged Posts

'Genesis' Tagged Posts


How’s your vision? 20/20? Well, it could be better! How about 50/20? Seeing life’s events through a Heavenly lens, just as Joseph did.


Before God destroyed Sodom, he sent His angels to warn Lot to get out of the city along with his family. We see here in our text that the angels tried to get Lot out in a hurry yet he seemed to linger, certainly in no hurry to leave the place that God was ready to destroy due to it’s overwhelming wickedness. In fact, he seemed to make light of the fact that the city would be destroyed! The Hebrew word for “mocked” means “to jest, play, to laugh repeatedly”. When we surround ourselves with wickedness on every side, we have a tendency to become acclimated to it. We are no longer “shocked” as we once were. We become less sensitive to sin, even making light of it as Lot seems to have done. How about you? Does sin still shock you or have you become friends with it? 


Yea, hath God said? Casting doubt on the veracity of God’s Word, the Holy Bible is still being used today by Satan with the same efficacy as in the Garden of Eden. “Did God really say that?” seems to be the pervasive question of every generation of unbelievers. As they tend to get hung up on Ecclesiastical or eschatological issues they tend to ignore the most important issue at hand, their salvation and that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16).


There is no reason for man to be proud. We were created from dust where we shall return. However, because of pride we tend to create a lot of trouble between these two events. We would be much more humble if we remembered where we came from. If it were not for God we would not even exist.