'2 Corinthians' Tagged Posts

'2 Corinthians' Tagged Posts


The apostle Paul had a great passion to share the gospel with the world. In his endeavors to do so he realized that the great treasure that he wanted to share was held within a weak vessel, his body. He wanted everyone to know that the power he had to serve did not come from himself, but from God.


Have you ever thought about the fact that YOU might be the “angel” to another person? God has made all of us ambassadors, and given to all of us the ministry of reconciliation. He uses all of us as messengers – the Greek word for angel is messenger.


I seem to remember, albeit vaguely, an old commercial that had dogs and their owners on it and how much they resembled each other. I sure can’t recall what they were actually advertising but it was intriguing for sure. I’ve owned many dogs through the years and I’m pretty sure there’s one that I didn’t resemble at all, my Pug! As blood bought children of God, I wonder how much we resemble our Master? Not in the physical sense but in all other ways. After spending time with others, would they be able to identify us as children of the Master? Do we reflect His glory? Or have we become so contaminated with the elements of this world that we no longer shine?


Have you ever wandered how can you possibly continue? Have you ever found yourself running out of strength to run the race before you? Have you ever been faced with incredibly difficult circumstances of life that make you want to throw in the towel? Well join the club! However, when you are at that point you must realize that you are on the cusp of having the power of Christ upon you. So when you get to the point where you say, “I cannot go on anymore I am out of strength” you are almost there, but not quite. You must then go on to admit your weakness and accept God’s grace to give you strength. Then you can say, “I can do all thing through Christ that strengtheneth me.”


Imagine if in the old testament they had constructed an idol in the middle of the temple. What an offense that would have been to God. However, as Christians we do that very thing when we maintain idols of the heart. Is God on the throne of our hearts affections or something else? The answer determines who or what we are really serving because you cannot serve both at the same time.


Comfort is a need of every human. God is the only one that can provide true comfort to the souls of men. We can get comfort from God’s Promises, His Spirit, and His People. I am thankful that God is a Father full of compassion.