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Imagine for a moment, the day we call Good Friday, the day the Son of God was crucified on the cross of Calvary. Beaten beyond recognition, treated with contempt and disdain, mocked and spat upon; rejected by those who just a few days before we’re shouting “Hosanna in the highest” this Messiah, Israel’s Deliverer….DEAD! Satan and the multitude of fallen angels must have been celebrating their victory over the one called “the Son of God”. Imagine, if you will, how Satan and his minions must have felt! Now, it’s Sunday and some women are headed toward the tomb but they notice that Jesus isn’t there! Where could He be. He’s risen! Just as He said He would! God ALWAYS keeps His promises. Jesus conquered the grave, He conquered death, He conquered sin and He conquered Satan. The celebration abruptly ends once the Devil discovers what happened at the tomb. His minions scurry like bugs do when a rock is turned over and they’re exposed to light…..they were exposed to Light! Hallelujah! He’s risen! Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone! Praise God, He’s Risen.


Do you fondly remember the song we used to sing in Sunday School when we were little? “The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for life, I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E.” Oh dear Christian, is the Bible the book for you? It’s the only book that has the words of life, the power to save, to make the simple wise! It’s God’s love letter to us! Do you love the Word of God? When we stand on the Word of God we’ll not easily fall for the wiles of the devil.


Meditation: These two verses have blessed me tremendously through the years. They assure me that although I may feel at times that in my walk with the Lord I’m taking a step forward and two steps back, I’m God’s workmanship created in Jesus unto good works.I can be confident that what He has ordained will come to pass.Reminds me of a song I used to sing to the kids when I would push them on the swing:


It’s interesting how often the Bible compares us to animals. Sheep, wolves, beasts, dogs etc. Sheep aren’t very bright, wolves devour sheep but what about dogs? Every dog owner has witnessed at one time or another their dog going back to their vomit (yuck!). We are disgusted when we see that and make sure they don’t come back anytime soon to give us kisses! Yet God compares those who go back to their folly or foolishness to those dogs that return to their vomit. Ponder that a moment. Makes you think twice about going back and doing that very thing that God told you not to do, right?


Have you ever given it any thought how sin makes one say stupid things! It’s amazing how Aaron just took the gold, threw it in the fire and presto! out comes this golden calf! We kind of chuckle at this but how often have we’ve been guilty of making up the most fantastic excuses once we get caught red-handed in our sin? I’m sure it’s more than we’d like to admit. Be smart! Don’t get caught up with the crowd that’s egging you on to something that God wouldn’t approve of.


Before God destroyed Sodom, he sent His angels to warn Lot to get out of the city along with his family. We see here in our text that the angels tried to get Lot out in a hurry yet he seemed to linger, certainly in no hurry to leave the place that God was ready to destroy due to it’s overwhelming wickedness. In fact, he seemed to make light of the fact that the city would be destroyed! The Hebrew word for “mocked” means “to jest, play, to laugh repeatedly”. When we surround ourselves with wickedness on every side, we have a tendency to become acclimated to it. We are no longer “shocked” as we once were. We become less sensitive to sin, even making light of it as Lot seems to have done. How about you? Does sin still shock you or have you become friends with it? 


At the height of the Vietnam War a song came out in 1968 called “The Games People Play”. It’s a protest song, one of many during that era whose lyrics speak against, among other things, hypocrisy and irresponsibility: “Oh the games people play now Every night and every day now Never meaning what they say now Never saying what they mean.” The Lord spoke through Isaiah to address the same problem back then that this song addresses…..Hypocrisy and irresponsibility. Talking the talk but not having the heart. Indeed, Jesus quoted this passage when he rebuked the religious leaders of His day for their hypocrisy. Today, people are still playing games! Pretending to be something or someone they’re not. Praising God at church and cursing their fellow man at work, bringing their Bibles to church but leaving them untouched from Monday till the next Lord’s Day! STOP playing games! Peter warns us to be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as roaring lion,walketh about, seeking whom he may devour; (1 Peter 5:8)


Hang on brothers and sisters in Christ! We may be in for a rough ride the next few years if the Lord tarries. Are you ready? We have always been considered as soldiers but thus far we’ve had it pretty easy. Jude tells his audience that they should earnestly contend for the faith and that applies to us today as well. Contend…..to contend about a thing, as a combatant. ‘Earnestly” is added to convey the intensive force of the preposition. I want to encourage each believer reading this…..don’t cede one inch of ground to the devil, not one single inch! Fight for the faith as a good soldier.


You can search the whole world over for one name that may gain you entrance into heaven. No need to waste your time! Jesus is the ONLY name that can save us from our sins. Have you called upon the name of Jesus to save you? what’s holding you back? Call on Him while there’s still time.


I recently had a friend ask me what “sin” was. Good question! What is sin? This particular word pictures an archer aiming for the bulls eye of a target As he draws the string back and lets go, the arrow flies but falls desperately short of the target. God has a “target” so to speak, a standard if you will, that we are to hit. That standard is absolute perfection. I’m sure we all will agree that no one is perfect and we do fall short of that standard, however, without attaining to that standard we will never be able to enter heaven apart from God lowering the standard or providing a mean’s by which we attain it vicariously through someone who can hit the mark. That someone is Jesus Christ.