'Romans' Tagged Posts

'Romans' Tagged Posts


I recently had a friend ask me what “sin” was. Good question! What is sin? This particular word pictures an archer aiming for the bulls eye of a target As he draws the string back and lets go, the arrow flies but falls desperately short of the target. God has a “target” so to speak, a standard if you will, that we are to hit. That standard is absolute perfection. I’m sure we all will agree that no one is perfect and we do fall short of that standard, however, without attaining to that standard we will never be able to enter heaven apart from God lowering the standard or providing a mean’s by which we attain it vicariously through someone who can hit the mark. That someone is Jesus Christ.


In this verse the spirit of bondage is contrasted with the Spirit of adoption. The spirit of bondage describes the lost person that lives in fear of death and/or fear of judgment from God. Therefore, their relationship to God is one of fear that produces torment (1 John 4:18). However, the Christian has the Spirit of adoption that affirms God is our loving heavenly Father and we are His child. Therefore, we are able to live for God based upon love and not fear. What a blessing!


Romans Chapter 7 reveals to us an issue that not only Paul dealt with but we as well. It was well known that Paul had an eye problem, but in this passage we see that he also had an “I” problem.