'Hebrews' Tagged Posts

'Hebrews' Tagged Posts


Dear Christian, do you find it difficult to sing the Lord’s song? Do the cares of this life have you weighed down? We have just experienced a year that took us by surprise and brought with it sickness, separation, death, loneliness, isolation, unemployment, division, bitterness and a myriad of other problems! The pain is real, often seen etched in the face of those that have been hit the hardest. This world isn’t our home! We are in a strange land, a land that is becoming day by day more inhospitable for those whose real home is beyond the Jordan. Let’s keep our eyes as Abraham did on the City whose builder is God. Soon my dear friend, we’ll see as John the Revelator did, a new heaven and a new earth. Then and only then will we be able to sing the Lord’s song because we’ll be at home with Him, rejoicing evermore!


From the guttermost to the uttermost! There is no one so lost that God cannot save them! You may feel that you’ve gone too far, have been too bad and God cannot forgive you. Nothing could be further from the truth! My friend, God is in the saving business and He’s reaching out to you today! Trust Him today and He will save you……from the guttermost to the uttermost!


Have you ever thought about the fact that YOU might be the “angel” to another person? God has made all of us ambassadors, and given to all of us the ministry of reconciliation. He uses all of us as messengers – the Greek word for angel is messenger.


Although there are those who think that they have sunk so low that there is no hope of forgiveness and salvation, we can trust in Christ’s ability to save even those who may think otherwise. As our High Priest,Jesus is always interceding, His grace is inexhaustible, His arm is not shortened that it cannot reach the lowest sinner!