'The Heart' Tagged Posts

'The Heart' Tagged Posts


God knows our hearts. Our words and actions come from our hearts. A person who has a wicked heart will not prosper before God or man.


When I read this verse I am reminded to make sure my heart is in my service to the Lord. God does not want us to serve Him begrudgingly, but with genuine desire and reverence. Half-hearted service to the Lord is not pleasing to God; neither is service done to please men. It is a good practice to check our hearts from time to time.


We all know what it’s like to be around someone who’s vocabulary is equivalent to the proverbial sailor’s. We’ve come to half-way expect it, especially in our current environment of caustic division and strife. However, to hear “corrupt” communication from one who claims to be a Christian not only is extremely offensive but also brings reproach to the name of Christ. The Greek word employed for corrupt means “rotten, putrid, obscene vulgarity”. Certainly nothing rotten or putrid should come out of the mouth of those who are to reflect Christ in our speech but should be seasoned with grace, edifying or building up those who are listening.