'Matthew' Tagged Posts

'Matthew' Tagged Posts


Betraying speech. Does your speech betray you? As Peter was denying Jesus, even to the point of cursing (certainly unbecoming of a follower of Christ) those who had been around him and heard him speak knew that Peter was a Galilean (they spoke with a burr), and that he was a disciple of Jesus. Here’s the twist, Peter was trying to deny Jesus but his speech gave him away . Of course, we would never deny that we’re followers of Jesus! Just the opposite, we try to persuade others that we’re followers of Jesus but again, does our speech betray us? Ponder that a spell, meditate on it. Do people listen to you talk and immediately know that you’re a Christian or is your speech peppered with words that reflects the world more that the church?


Have you ever thought about the fact that YOU might be the “angel” to another person? God has made all of us ambassadors, and given to all of us the ministry of reconciliation. He uses all of us as messengers – the Greek word for angel is messenger.


While cleaning the home office to make room for working from home due to Covid, I was forced to sort my library into three piles – those to keep, those to hand off to others, those to trash. Some were meaningful to me for who gave it, others for the content. It challenged me to think about why I had each book, and what would be the best place for it to be in the future. It made me think about my treasures, what I value.