'God's Love' Tagged Posts

'God's Love' Tagged Posts


Man does not have much if anything to boast about in himself. I certainly do not. However, those that know Jesus have a lot to boast about. Not about themselves, but about the one that loves them and saved them. There is a song we sing often in church who’s refrain goes:


Jesus showed by example what love truly is. By laying down his life for us he demonstrated that greatest emptying of one self for others. He commands us to show the same type of love for others. Godly love is a self-sacrificial giving of ourselves for the benefit of others. The commandment is for all Christians to all Christians. On this Valentine’s Day and every day after, let’s surrender to His commandment.


Americans this year will spend a estimated $27.4 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers, candy, perfume etc. to express their love for their significant other. At most, the flowers, as beautiful as they are will last a week or two. The perfume….much longer, the candy, not so. God’s expression of His love for us however, is immeasurable, timeless and available to all who will simply receive the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.


How does one properly articulate the scope and depth of God’s love? I must admit that l fall woefully short in the task of doing so. Frederick M. Lehman however captured the essence very well in the Hymn that we’re all familiar with: “The Love of God.” The last stanza of that hymn is: Could we with ink the ocean fill, And were the skies of parchment made, Were every stalk on earth a quill, And every man a scribe by trade; To write the love of God above Would drain the ocean dry; Nor could the scroll contain the whole, Though stretched from sky to sky.