'Exodus' Tagged Posts

'Exodus' Tagged Posts


God told Moses that He was the Great I Am. God was telling Moses that whatever Moses needed He would be that for Moses. If Moses needed strength, God would be his strength. If Moses needed wisdom God would be his wisdom. God is whatever we need today.


Have you ever given it any thought how sin makes one say stupid things! It’s amazing how Aaron just took the gold, threw it in the fire and presto! out comes this golden calf! We kind of chuckle at this but how often have we’ve been guilty of making up the most fantastic excuses once we get caught red-handed in our sin? I’m sure it’s more than we’d like to admit. Be smart! Don’t get caught up with the crowd that’s egging you on to something that God wouldn’t approve of.


Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a bitter dwelling place drinking bitter water. When we do we must not stay there continuing to drink from a well that will make us spiritually sick. Rather, we must go to the cross of Calvary setting our eyes upon Jesus and begin drinking from the spring of living water that gives life and restores spiritual health.