'Proverbs' Tagged Posts

'Proverbs' Tagged Posts


Scripture teaches us that we are a whole person. Our spiritual life effects our physical life. Each and everyday we come across people that are hurting spiritually. Harold Vaughan once preached a message entitled, “The Ministry of Encouragement.” What a great ministry! We should all be encouragers. When you encourage someone it is like given someone a dose of spiritual medicine for their soul. Each day we should ask ourselves, “Who can I encourage today?”


It’s interesting how often the Bible compares us to animals. Sheep, wolves, beasts, dogs etc. Sheep aren’t very bright, wolves devour sheep but what about dogs? Every dog owner has witnessed at one time or another their dog going back to their vomit (yuck!). We are disgusted when we see that and make sure they don’t come back anytime soon to give us kisses! Yet God compares those who go back to their folly or foolishness to those dogs that return to their vomit. Ponder that a moment. Makes you think twice about going back and doing that very thing that God told you not to do, right?


There is a “gospel” being taught that does not require you to deal with your sin. In fact, they rarely if ever mention the word sin. They say God wants to bless you as if God is their servant. This false gospel teaches a worldly prosperity that tells you to “believe God for things you want and you will get it.” However, the man that does not deal with his sin will never prosper in regards to the riches of heaven. It is the man that confesses and forsakes his sin that is truly blessed. Psalm 32:1-2 ……..Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.


Have you ever said, “How can this be?” Perhaps you have tried to do right and it seems like things are not working out. Maybe the more you try to live for God the more difficult things become. Well, you are not alone. However, we must remember to trust the LORD with all our hearts; meaning our minds are stayed on Christ, our emotions controlled by the Holy Spirit, and our wills committed to following the Father even when we do not understand. When we lean unto our own understanding our minds become troubled, our emotions can fly out of control, and temptations to follow our flesh increase. We must commit to trusting God in all of the issues of life.


I remember as a young child, I was upstairs playing in my room when I thought that I saw something under the bed and boy oh boy did I run down the stairs and